GPI is seeking two researchers in Philosophy to start in autumn 2018. The focus of these roles will be to do world-leading research on global priorities, and to publish that research in top journals.

What are the jobs?

Both posts are 4-year fixed-term research posts. At least 50% of each researcher’s time should be spent on topics directly related to the GPI research agenda. The agenda can be found here. It centres around the question of how one can do the most good with a certain unit of a resource.

The research team is collaborative: the expectation is that all researchers will participate in shaping the research agenda, and will both attend and present at internal seminars and work in progress groups.

We will make reasonable efforts to help candidates find teaching opportunities if they would like them, and are reasonably optimistic that these opportunities would be available.

Since an essential aim of GPI is to seed global priorities research within academia, we expect all our researchers to aim to publish their work in top journals.

The posts report to the Director of GPI, Hilary Greaves.

The Research Fellow in Philosophy is a Grade 7 job, salary range £31,604 – £33,518

The Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy is a Grade 8 job, salary range £39,992 – £42,418

Why apply?

Working at GPI, you will be producing research which directly feeds into how to do the most good, as well as publishing that research in top academic journals to inspire others to join these debates. You will, therefore, have the direct impact of improving decision making in the most important areas, and the longer-term effect of increasing the number of people working to improve that decision making.

The Oxford Philosophy Faculty is consistently ranked the second-best department in the world by Philosophical Gourmet report, as well as being one of the largest worldwide. There are therefore many excellent philosophers to work with and a large variety of high-quality seminars to attend. GPI’s advisors include John Broome and Jeff McMahan, and its visitors and collaborators include Larry Temkin and Frank Arntzenius. As a result, there are also good opportunities for collaboration and mentorship within the institute.

Since GPI is a research institute, it is fundamental to its mission that those working there be given the time and support for to do high-quality research. There are no requirements for teaching, grant seeking or other non-research duties on these posts.

Who should apply?

These roles require a PhD in Philosophy (completed or near completion). The PhD need not be in Ethics, or be directly related to the research agenda. Candidates must be able to show genuine interest in high-impact research related to the research agenda, and to effective altruism and global priorities research in general. A quantitative or formal mindset may be an advantage.

Candidates must be able to produce excellent, independent research. The successful candidates are likely to be producing work of a quality similar to that of a good graduate student in a top department. To apply for the Senior Research Fellow position, you should already have a strong publication record. Candidates who are currently completing or have recently (within 1 or 2 years) completed their PhD will normally be a better fit for the Research Fellow position.

The posts are suitable both for people planning to build long-term careers in academia, and those keeping open the option of pursuing research in charitable organisations. Although these posts are fixed term for 4 years, we hope to build a long-term team. Therefore, if researchers turn out to be excellent fits for the roles, we would hope to provide them with new contracts in future.

How to apply

Please apply through these links: Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow (please try a different browser if the links do not open). Applicants for both posts must submit a CV, a supporting statement, three references as well as a sample of your best philosophical work. Short-listed candidates will have to submit a research proposal. For more details on how to apply see the Oxford University website.

The deadline for applications is 12 pm Jan 4th, 2018. The posts are visa eligible – candidates of all nationalities are encouraged to apply.