From mid-March 2018 to September 2018 GPI needs a maternity cover to manage its operations. The successful applicant will be responsible for overseeing the initial stages of the Institute’s existence, including overseeing the budget and the inaugural visitor programme.

What is the job?

The aim of this role is to ensure the smooth set up of GPI by managing all operational aspects, and, ultimately, to facilitate high impact research. Due to the early stage GPI is at, the position is somewhat flexible, and it is difficult to predict precisely what will be needed in 6 months’ time. The role is likely to include the following:

  • Fundraising, whether by applying for academic grants, reaching out to potential donors or supporting others to reach out to potential donors by writing materials such as business plans or concept notes. It would also include keeping in touch with current donors to GPI.
  • Overseeing processes such as applying for and finding a new office space, including liaising with the university and writing materials to support such an application.
  • Managing GPI’s finances
  • Supporting visitors (for example by providing accommodation and by organising work in progress seminars and socials)
  • Overseeing (or implementing) the building of a new website
  • Setting up seminars and work in progress groups

The intention is that there will be substantial overlap with the current occupant of the role (Michelle Hutchinson) at the beginning of the period and that she will provide support throughout.

There may be opportunities for longer-term involvement with GPI following this 6 month period, for individuals who are a good fit to the Institute.

The role reports to the Director of GPI, and has a salary range of £31,604 – £33,518 p.a.. The title of the position is Researcher.

If you’d like to know more about this role, please reach out to Michelle Hutchinson ([email protected]) who currently holds the position.

Why apply?

GPI is in the process of launching. It is crucial to maintain momentum, and this role is necessary for doing so. The aim is not only to facilitate excellent research at during the period of the role, but also to enable more going forward. As such, this role has the potential to have both immediate and lasting impact on improving global decision making.

The work is varied and challenging, providing an insight into all aspects of how to set up an academic institute. The role offers the opportunity for significant autonomy and responsibility.

Who should apply?

It is crucial that the person in this role cares deeply about effective altruism and global priorities research, and has excellent organisational skills. They also need good communications skills (both interpersonal and in writing), and an analytic mindset.

It would be beneficial to have either a strong background in operations or in academia (for example, having recently finished or currently undertaking a Philosophy or Economics PhD). The ideal candidate would have experience fundraising and managing budgets.

In particular, you should apply if you’re excited about getting a new project off the ground and about facilitating important research.

How to apply

Please apply through this link (please try a different browser if the link does not open). Applicants for the post must submit a CV, a supporting statement and three references. The deadline for applications is 12 pm Jan 4th, 2018. The post is visa eligible – candidates of all nationalities are encouraged to apply.