We are always looking for outstanding research talent. If none of the positions below seem like the right fit, please get in touch.

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Summer research visitor programme

Applications are open for a Summer Research Programme, run by Prof Greaves and Dr Hutchinson, to take place during Trinity Term (May-June) 2019. We are looking for researchers from a variety of fields to join us in Oxford to conduct foundational research on how to do the most good. Successful applicants will be PhD students and early career researchers at top universities in economics, philosophy or other relevant fields. Background knowledge of effective altruism is helpful but not essential.

About the programme

We expect visiting researchers to produce a piece of research on a topic of central importance to benefiting others effectively.  This may be related to the researcher’s previous work (including PhD thesis), but it need not be. Visiting researchers will work closely with the other researchers at the institute, and they will have the opportunity to present their work at our work-in-progress seminar. They will also be invited to attend our seminar series on the foundations of effective altruism.

How to apply

We welcome applications on an ongoing basis, and early applications are encouraged. To apply, please send your CV, a research proposal (1 page), a polished writing sample, and a reference from your PhD supervisor (or another academic reference) to Michelle Hutchinson [email protected].

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Past research visitors

Joe Carsmith

Joseph Carlsmith

"I learned a lot during my time in Oxford. It was a great environment for research, the feedback I received on my work was excellent, and I really enjoyed getting to know the other fellows and researchers."

Daniel Kokotajlod

Daniel Kokotajlo

"I came to Oxford for the summer of 2017, which, not coincidentally, turned out to be the best summer of my life so far. I presented my work at multiple work-in-progress seminars run by Hilary and Michelle. I got to participate in tons of other great seminars with visiting experts and in-house researchers. I sought out and received tons of useful advice about career options, research goals, and life in general."